Stress. Worry. Fear. 
During the week, even without pandemics, we often get stressed; from work, from family, from friends, from life. It's good to take a break. It's healthy. It's important to stop, take a break and refocus and revitalize your body, your mind, and your soul. Art can help you do that. Delivered to your inbox every week, in the middle of your busy life, my art gives you an easy, wonderful way to take a break - a personalized reminder to take a minute, a moment, to calm down, to re-energize, to refocus and revitalize yourself. While adhering to the new norm: social distancing. In these often difficult times, give yourself a treat. You deserve it! The treat? A "beauty break". Private viewing of fabulous colorful art images. 

Welcome to Cool Color Art Weekly, my new humanitarian project, delivering a fabulous image of one of my art masterpieces - every week - directly to your inbox. FREE. 

Receive fabulous colorful art images. Sent right to your inbox. Every week. For the rest of 2020. FREE! To elevate your mood, lift your spirits and feed your soul. 

You will receive a fabulous art image from me every week. For the rest of 2020. An image like this

"Giving Hands" by Andrew Lawrence

Photo of a figurine of life size hands extending a welcome. The indoor photo was taken and edited by me. The hands and birds were originally a boring grayish brown, now they're not. Besides being a colorful work it's also a meaningful image. Give. Do a good deed this week.

Or an image like this

by Andrew Lawrence

Or one of my other masterpieces

Art Prints

Sign up now and receive a fabulous Andrew Lawrence photographic art image every week, in your inbox, for the rest of the year (2020), for your own personal private viewing. FREE! Why am I doing this? I'm a nice guy, and I want to help people feel better, to uplift them and help them get though all this debilitating fear and worry.

It's a staying at home solution. A social distancing solution. An artistic solution. And a 100% authentic experience. And, best of all, it's FREE!

Who Am I? An artist. And the publisher of Cool Color Art Weekly.

    Andrew Lawrence
    Los Angeles, CA
    artist, publisher, author

About Andrew
For over 20 years, Andrew Lawrence has been an American high-end designer fashion photographer (over 10,000 photos) based in L.A. He now creates very cool, very colorful art photos. His photos are a treat for the eyes ... and the soul.

In his creative photographic art, Andrew Lawrence takes objects in his environment and turns them into bright colorful images that evoke positive emotions, bright colors that provide beauty and uplift the spirit. His art brand is "Cool Color Photos". Why Cool Color Photos? His art is cool. It's colorful. It's photographic. Many of his photos look more like a painting than a photo.

View Art regularly.  Why? Here's why
When you get my art image in your inbox, you'll automatically take a break. You'll look at that photo. You'll be able to feel yourself be stimulated, in a good way. Viewing art can relax you. Refocus your mind and emotions. Revitalize you. Elevate you. Instantly. Just looking at my art can take your mind off life's problems and give you color and b-e-a-u-t-y. It's a wonderful break! And a real treat. 1 photo is all it takes!

Why inbox art viewing? 
Can't you just go to my (or any other) art website every week (or every day) and look at  fabulous art there? Yes, but you probably won't. You'll forget. You'll get busy, you'll get distracted. With me sending you a wonderful art photo to look at, to revitalize, refocus and restore you, you won't have to remember to do anything or go anywhere, it'll be there, waiting in your inbox, to uplift you, to bring you art, to bring you beauty in 2020!  

Does that work? Let's test it. Let's do a quick 10-second test  

  • Stop whatever you were doing  
  • Now take a deep breath, then let it out 
  • Now, look at the photo below. Focus on it. Really LOOK at it. SEE it. Look at it for a few moments. Or longer. Absorb it. See the colors, see the beauty, f-e-e-l the beauty 

If you wish to make the image larger you may do so with your fingers

OK, stop. How do you feel? 

More relaxed? 



More positive?


Amazing, isn't it? That's what my colorful beautiful art images can do for you. Every time.  My art in your inbox. For your private viewing. To immediately lift your spirits and feed your soul. All you have to do is LOOK at one of my art images, if only for like 10 seconds. And THAT'S why you should subscribe ... right now ... and I'll send my fabulous art images to your inbox on an ongoing basis!  

Plus, with the current worldwide health crisis, and the worry that comes with it, we all need something positive for our mind, body and soul more than ever. Viewing my art can provide that! 

Number of days since California's Stay At Home order 

And, now, with all the government Stay At Home orders, tens of millions of Americans, and billions of people worldwide, will be forced to stay home! And many places are closed, including art galleries, art shows, museums, art fairs.

My Cool Color Art Weekly is available worldwide, to anyone, anywhere, who has a deliverable email address. Designed to be read on any/all computers or mobile devices.

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In comparison, many art magazines publish only 6 or 12 issues annually - and charge up to $50 or more.

Now, with my art images emailed to your inbox, you don't even have to buy art to enjoy it (you can, of course, but you don't have to). And you don't have to go to an art exhibit, or an art gallery, or an art fair, or a museum to look at art (are they all still closed?), you'll have art delivered right to your inbox, for your own private viewing! FREE. Based, of course, on me being alive and ready, willing and able to do so :)

And, if you also want to support the cause you can make a donation. Any amount is welcomed. It will help offset my costs of undertaking and maintaining this worthy humanitarian effort to help people, through art. Do what you can to help others.

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